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InterArtCenter is a nonprofit, educational project. Our visual gallery has no agenda except the promotion of modern fine and computer arts. It is free to the viewing public and contributing artists. It does no solicitation or promotional mailing. Sponsored advertising has made this online visual initiative possible. The virtual gallery has no intention to categorize, label, or rank the presented artists. Our objective is familiarizing general public with contemporary tendencies of modern art and providing direct access to artwork of respective creative individuals.

InterArtCenter is one of the most heavily trafficked, comprehensive, frequently updated and respected online galleries in the Net. It tries to keep abreast of the latest and best in contemporary 3D, digital and fine art movements. We expect it is a learning experience for artists of all skill levels and for the viewing public as well. Many talented artists have given us access to their best work that we have solicited.

At the moment, our exhibitions present several diverse surreal fantasy art topics and additional useful information:
| Gallery 1 |
Free clip art photo sharing: photo stock clipart digital photography images exchange.
| Gallery 2 |
Giclee fine art prints, Toronto digital art gallery.
| Gallery 3 | Modern Surrealism Art, Neo Surrealists Artworks, digital images & fine art pictures
| Gallery 4 | Flash Animated Desktop Wallpapers & Games, interactive digital fantasy art design screensavers
| Gallery 5 | Free Digital & 3D Art Software, 3d/2d graphic design freeware applications
| Gallery 6 | Modern Surreal Pop-Art & 3D Optical Illusion Samples, body-art pictures
| Gallery 7 | free 3d models & software 3d artist graphic design information
| Gallery 8 | Inter Art Center: digital art galleries, international arts & entertainment design center.
| Gallery 9 | Inter Art Center: Free clip-art photos sharing photo stock clipart make money digital photography.

Software downloads digital art 3D graphic 2D design applications

The gallery was established in 2003 to promote modern fine and computer art in its various forms and manifestations, included but not limited - 3-D rendered art, modeling, fractals, enhanced photography, animation, mixed media, computer-painted and drawn art, 3d optical illusions, body-art, 3d fantasy art wallpapers, modern surrealism artists, flash animated desktops, surreal 3d artist exposition, free 2d/3d images, sci-fi digital pictures etc.

Graphic Design
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Graphic design services can be provided by in-house staffs, advertising agencies, printers and lettershops, art studios, free-lance artists, and syndicated artwork services. An in-house staff is economical if large quantities of design work are needed but limits the advertiser to the style and skills of that pool of designers. Printer and lettershop staffs are usually adept at tailoring graphic designs to a client's printing and production capabilities. Art studios offer a diverse range of talent but at a relatively high cost. Free-lancers can produce very good quality work at a more reasonable price but may not be available when needed. Syndicated services provide identical artwork and designs to many users, who must adapt them to suit their purposes.

Multidisciplinary requirements

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Flash is not a standard produced by a vendor-neutral standards organization like most of the core protocols and formats on the Internet. Flash is much more restrictive than the open HTML format, though, requiring a proprietary plugin to be seen, and it does not integrate with most web browser UI features like the "Back" button unless a hyperlink is programmed to link a new html page from the Flash file, in which case the animation of the previous page would reset. However, those restrictions may be irrelevant depending on the goals of the web site design.

According to NPD study, 98% of US Web users have the Flash Player installed [2], with 45%-56%[3] (depending on region) having the latest version. Numbers vary depending on the detection scheme and research demographics. Many graphic artists use Flash because it gives them exact control over every part of the design, and anything can be animated and generally "jazzed up". Some application designers enjoy flash because it lets them create applications that don't have to be refreshed or go to a new web page every time an action occurs. Flash can use embedded fonts instead of the standard fonts installed on most computers. There are many sites which forego HTML entirely for Flash. Other sites may use Flash content combined with HTML as conservatively as gifs or jpegs would be used, but with smaller vector file sizes and the option of faster loading animations. Flash may also be used to protect content from unauthorized duplication or searching.